Future of Fundraising

I would like to develop a sound vision about the future of fund raising. Of course I have some ideas myself based on consumer trends, but I would like to ask YOU what you feel is the future of fundraising.

Please answer this question for me: What will the world of ‘fundraising’ look like in 2017?

Take into consideration: mobile, social media, gamification, retail, peer-to-peer, cloud computing, augmented reality, layer, Smart TV, …? What trends did I miss?

Please share your comments below!

The future of Mobile

This is the presentation I held in June 2012 in Amsterdam at the Marcom event (Playground for Professionals).

I break it down in three steps: past, present and future. Main question is: What is Mobile…? 😉

And where will it grow…?

Console Gamers and their Second Screen

From my friends at Newzoo an infographic that displays the use of tablets amongst console gamers.

Infographic Newzoo Second Screen

Pepsi about: Future of Advertising

Most content is about The Netherlands – sorry about that…
View more PowerPoint from iMMovator

Seth Priebatsch: Building the game layer on top of the world


Alcatraz Prison – An Epic Experience!

Talking about an epic experience! I went a few days early to San Francisco to spend some time on my own before the business tour through Silicon Valley with a Dutch delegation started. Check out the pictures below and the video of my visit to notorious prison Alcatraz where Al Capone was at home for four years (from 1934 – 1938)!

Americans really know how to build up an experience. From waiting in line for 30 minutes before the boattrip starts, you can read some more about the prison through a brochure and interactive installations and have your picture taken before a backdrop image of the island.

Interactive installations throughout the waiting area made waiting less annoying. In Dutch I call this a ‘wacht-verzachter’ in English you could call it a ‘Wait-watcher’.

During the boat trip the brochure sounds through the speakers.

On the island itself you can watch a 17 minute film about the island (comparable content of the brochure) and do an interactive audio tour of about 40 minutes explaining you all the different areas and stories that took place, even explaining how 5 inmates escaped from the island in June 1962. This event was immortalized later in a film called ‘Escape from Alcatraz (duh) with Clint Eastwood).

This is one of the cells where one of the 5 inmates that escaped slept. You can see how they dug a hole around the ventilation shaft. Eventually they all got out by climbing throughout the hole they dug, climbed up the heating pipes and … gone…  No one knows if they survived the mile swimming to the main land, since they were never found again.

A picture of the ‘arrival’ at Alcatraz Island. Originally build as a military prison during America’s Civil War.

European Soccer Championship about to start!

A very prominent Dutch ex-football player called Jan Mulder shows the audience how to shoot the head off a cameraman, from a 6 feet distance…

Sorcery – 'Making of' part 3: Sound

Handicapped son says he wants to do the triathlon…

Don’t watch this if you can’t let your tears roll openly 😉 It’s a FANTASTIC story about willpower. A father undertakes the adventure with his son to do the triathlon. A really amazing story to start the week with! I know it’s not game-related on first look, but in the end it’s about purpose, meaning and challenges, and in that sense very much related to game-design… and definitely an epic experience!

Facebook's days are OVER!

>Of course Facebook’s days aren’t over…yet… but I do think they should watch out that they don’t become a victim of their own success. An often made mistake is that brands extend their activities and innovations so widely that they estrange from their core values and core business, like Google does with Google+.
A quick example: Google is a search engine. A free providers of useful tools (gmail, Google alerts, analytics, maps, etc. – all data driven design). However Google is NOT a social platform, although it is trying to become one. They still haven’t managed to do so.
Microsoft is an OS and software company. Not a social network or webbrowser builder. Does anyone remember Bing…? I don’t … mission impossible…
Facebook is a social network, a global community as I would rather call it. There are a lot of things that Facebook could do with their connections: create better understanding amongst people worldwide, becoming a global incubator, becoming a think-tank to tackle world problems, connecting countries and overcoming hunger… up to now Facebook has been interested in just a few things: adding data, making consumers more dependent on Facebook (my whole life is on it these days) and making money through advertising. But what if …

– A new social network will emerge shortly that is easier in use and goes back to the essence why we embraced Facebook (no ads, or hardly any, just a tool to share your thoughts, experiences and photo’s and follow your friends life virtually). Remember Instagram? They bought it… killing competition is sometimes more effective than fighting them.
– Apple moves into social…?
– YouTube moves into social…?
– Steam moves into social…?
– Zynga leaves Facebook…?
– Brands find out that using social media is not really all that effective as all the bullshit digital guru’s (like myself) tell you…?

Zynga is responsible for about 17% of Facebook revenue. There are rumors that they will start their own social network (platform) providing free and paid casual games. Gaming takes 20% of consumers digital time these days, just like ‘social networking’… and gaming is predicted to grow-and-grow-and-grow…

So… how long will consumers stay loyal to Facebook? I think just as long as they don’t feel robbed and advertising doesn’t take the fun out of the community… Still, I am not buying any shares…

Facebook MBA: Behind the IPO Everyone's Talking About
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