Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec

Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec

A great example of an online hype – Will it blend!?

I never watched these video’s, but it’s great – useless – timeconsuming content… 😉

I am wondering which blender he uses! And also which blender-brand dares to sponsor him – haha.

Home – In Game Advertising Webinar

>Home – In Game Advertising Webinar

Join an online event and discussion about ingame advertising in a series of 7 events upcoming months.

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Nuon Solar Challenge


Nuon Solar Challenge

The Nuon solar Challenge, a nice extension of the real race, not too realistic to be honest…

I didn’t know a road could be that linear!

With more budget I am sure it could have become more remarkable and notable.

Too bad.

In-game advertising study by 11 Prozent


In-Game Advertising works – if all parties involved observe the rules. Brands such as VW, Jack Wolfskin and Coke Zero already benefit from high recognition rates. Poor placement, on the other hand, may cause complete disregard for an ad, as Puma had to experience in the artificial testing environment. Gamematrix’ experimental eye-tracking analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the medium. The study proves that it is not enough to be constantly present in the field of view – placement and design are the key elements for the success of in-game advertising. Taking the collected data as a basis, the researchers offer some essential guidance to the advertising and games industries.

Erding, August 25th 2009 – The analysis, which was carried through by gamematrix, the research department of 11 Prozent Communication, and the University of Offenburg, shows that in-game advertising can be effective – under certain conditions. “Product advertising only works in context with the brand, otherwise it remains unnoticed”, says Carsten Szameitat, research leader gamematrix, managing director 11 Prozent Communication. “Brands strongly benefit from in-game advertising as their recognition rates increase by 30 percent.” Thus, advertising in computer games is well suited to convey an image and to bring the brand to mind.

The following effects could be identified during the analysis:

– Money spent on games: About 60 percent of the respondents stated that they played computer games but did not spend any money on games.
– The average player prefers to play offline on a PC and in single-player mode.
– A memory test showed that brands represented in a game could be remembered faster after playing the game than brands, which were not represented.
– Popular brands could even be linked to their appearance in the game. Volkswagen for example reached a memory quota of 84 percent.
– Some probands believed to have recognized advertisings that did not appear at all. The respective brands might consider this for future advertising activities.
– Despite being constantly present (31 placings), the brand react was barely noticed and did not achieve more than 20 percent of the attention VW achieved with only one strong placement. This clearly shows the enormous influence of placement on the effect of an advertisement.
– The poor performance of badly placed ads also became obvious in the soccer game. Well-placed brands achieved twice the amount of advertising fixation than Puma, which was barely noticed because of its unfavourable placement in the artificial testing environment.

More information on: http://www.11prozent.de/englisch/study.html

PUMA and Forza 3 team up!


Microsoft has announced it has signed a deal with PUMA to ensure “prominent PUMA branding” in Forza Motorsport 3.

What seems like a strange partnership actually makes sense – PUMA makes motorsport footwear and accessories as well as sponsoring racing teams from F1 and MotoGP, including Red Bull and Ducati Corse.

The deal includes a number of cross promotional initiatives including exclusive Forza preview nights in selected PUMA Concept stores and regular Forza 3 content for PUMAMotorsport.com. Oh, and there’s the limited edition Forza branded shoe. Which we expect will be popular.

“The Forza Motorsport association is the perfect fit for our brand,” said PUMA’s Antonio Bertone.

“This partnership enables us to capitalize on the energy and excitement that accompanies a huge release such as Forza, and push the PUMA Motorsport brand into a new and exciting arena. We’re delighted to be working with Microsoft on this.”

This is not the first instance of in-game branding – last year’s Mercenaries 2 features real world ads on in-game billboards while, more recently, the PS3 version of Fight Night Round 4 contained prominent ads for the film Bronson.

Below an example how Puma should NOT do ingame advertising…

Online game Hexxagon (ѕЭЫРЩЭ ШУаР іХЪбРУЮЭ)

>Online game Hexxagon (ѕЭЫРЩЭ ШУаР іХЪбРУЮЭ)

Nothing beats a nice game of Hexagon – a Classic.
Great ways to advertise on this one!


Unlock Xbox presented by Doritos – Dream it, Build it, Live it

>Unlock Xbox presented by Doritos – Dream it, Build it, Live it

Doritos challenges creatives in the US to produce their own game idea and have it developed by Xbox.

How is that for Consumer Generated Content!

Wipeout preload advertising gone wrong…


Here’s a typical example of how ingame advertising can go wrong and even more importantly – how the online generation reacts to this misstep.

Wipe Out HD features ingame advertisement of some US bank (seems non relevant to me within the world of a futuristic racegame). During the loading time of a level the commercial features and apparently an individual (consumer) was curious whether the loading time would be faster or slower with or without commercial… surprisingly the loading time was longer… check the video and read the reactions on Youtube.





The Cool Hunter – Kids

The Cool Hunter – Kids

The coolest Kids playgrounds and children dentists in the world!