Pisswasser from Heineken and Carlsberg


For the people that don’t know the game Grand Theft Auto, the game is packed with ingame (fake) Brands that wink to fastfood chains and Beer brands. One of the Ingame brands is Pisswasser. The label on the back of the bottle says: “You’re in, for a good time”. Enjoy crisp, salty taste of Pisswasser. The German fighting lager, of choice for the more discerning binge drinker. Brewed from rice, barley, hops and the fresh urine of Barvarian virgins. Bottled in U-Rhine.

Wouldn’t it be fun and great word of mouth if a brewery like Carlsberg or Heineken would sell the actual beer in reallife short after release of the game? Great limited edition and collectors items that would definately stirr up the brandscape!

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