Ingame product sampling – GoSupermodel!


An interesting case by my dear friend Joost Bazelmans [RedChocolate]. Nivea wanted to launch their new product targeted at pimple-free girls. I’m sorry the link is Dutch-only.

GoSupermodel – a social network for girls aged 10-16 grew since 2007 up to an amount of 300.000 young supergirls. The ingame campaign existed of putting a pimple on the avatar of the girls which led to hilarious reactions. Some girls said they even liked the pimple on their avatar, but most of them used the Nivea product to get rid of the pimple. Really a great way of ingame sampling. I didn’t even knew it existed and this is why I love what I do: ANYTHING GOES IN THE VIRTUAL GAMING WORLD! As long as it is relevant for the consumer and it fits within the game realism.

Another striking event within the Supermodel Social Network occurred recently when girls got together and stood up against guys (and a Dutch rap group to be specific) cursing using the word cancer (comparable to ‘fuck’ in English). They recorded a film and uploaded it to YouTube which I felt was tear-jerking. Check it out if you like. Supermodel Girls Against Swearing Although it’s in Dutch please watch the film towards the end. The Red Crosses are symbols saying NO to cursing (and using the C-word specifically).

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