Gaming Hardware declining, software still growing


Sony PlayStation and Nintendo presented their – somewhat disaponting – sales figures today.

Worldwide sales decline affects both hardware and software, but in The Netherlands software is still growing, though lightly.

Last quarter, PlayStation sold 14,8 million games for their PS3. In 2008 PlayStation sold 22,8 million pieces in the same quarter. On hardware, PlayStation sold 1,1 million PS3’s and 1,3 million PSP’s this quarter, compared to 1,6 million and 3,7 million consoles that’s a bit disappointing, but logical if you consider the current economic circumstances.

PlayStation 2 is still performing well. It sold 1,6 million copies this quarter.

Nintendo showed a decline in sales of 40% and a profit decline of 60% compared to the same period last year.

Last year, this quarter, 5,17 million Wii’s were sold, compared to a 2,23 million this quarter.

All in all no shame, but slightly disappointing.

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