Old school games for BlackBerry


Good to see that other Mobile phones are supported with games as well. With Apple announcing it has 21.000 games available at the appstore, Nokia, Samsung and Sony opening an applications portal shortly (Sony already has, but it’s not filled with great stuff yet…), now Blackberry can add a stunning 2 extra games to their list, developed by legendary Taito.

Japanese game publisher and developer Taito announced that it has released a pair of new titles for BlackBerry devices. Space Invaders and Bust-A-Move are now available for download from the BlackBerry app store for $4.99 each.
Space Invaders is an emulated port of the company’s seminal 1978 arcade game. The classic shooter challenges players to repel screenfuls of invading alien creatures using a cannon that can slide across the bottom of the gameplay screen.

The BlackBerry version of Space Invaders includes the original monochrome version of the game, as well as later releases that feature color displays.
Bust-A-Move is a BlackBerry adaptation of Taito’s long-running bubble-bursting puzzler series. Players must aim and launch colored bubbles to create matches and combos in a single-player puzzle mode and a competitive Vs. mode.
Both games are playable using the BlackBerry’s touch screen. An alternate control method using the device’s number keys is also available in both titles.

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