In-Game Advertising "Facts are Stubborn Things…" – Microsoft Advertising Blog – Microsoft Advertising Community

>In-Game Advertising "Facts are Stubborn Things…" – Microsoft Advertising Blog – Microsoft Advertising Community

Fact #1: In-game advertising is thriving.

Industry reports indicate that in-game advertising will continue to rise with research from Screen Digest estimating the global in-game advertising market will reach $1 billion by 2014.

Fact #2: Gaming connects brands to valuable audiences.

Gaming is one of the fastest growing global entertainment forms and marketers recognize the unique opportunities it presents to reach the holy grail of advertising – the elusive male 18-34 demographic who spend less time watching TV and more time playing video games.

Fact #3: In-game advertising works.

Research in North America indicates that in-game advertising is a highly successful medium for brands. Since 2006 Interpret Research and Nielsen Research have conducted over 80 studies across more than 30 clients’ campaigns in 15 different industries on the Massive network. Using the data collected from this research we’ve created in-game advertising norms on brand recommendations and recall. We’ve continuously seen positive trends on these norms and 2009 is no different:

* Average brand recommendation lift scores are currently 29% ahead of the 2008 norms.
* 72% of gamers recall seeing ads for brands in-game – a 20% increase in average ad recall from a year ago.
* 65% of gamers agree that in-game ads stand out more compared to other forms of advertising (online, print, TV), an 18% increase from 2008.

Fact #4: In-game advertising is measurable, inexpensive and easy to do.

As with other forms of digital advertising, in-game key metrics available to advertisers include reach and impressions, time and duration of exposure, day part and geography. For the second consecutive year, ad impression processing and reporting across the Massive network has been accredited by Interactive Media Services Group Ltd. Massive was the first in-game advertising network to undergo a third party audit process and we remain focused on responding to market needs for more accountability. The industry is focused on driving the development of standards in collaboration with the IAB Games Committee to drive this progress and have just released In-Game Advertising Measurement Guidelines.

Fact #5: Gamers like it.

In order for an ad to be incorporated into a game, the ad needs to enhance the entertainment value of the overall game experience, never detract from game play, and add realism to the game – meaning, ads in games are integrated in locations where one would expect to see ads in real life. Our process of integrating ads is done with gamer satisfaction being the most important criteria, and Massive makes sure that every new in-game ad goes thru extensive testing with gamers prior to placement.

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