Bart Hufen presented at the Marketing Information Event in Rotterdam


Just got back from two days of Marketing Information at the event in Rotterdam.
My presentation was about gaming as a marketing tool – of course, but the session after mine was about product development through consumer involvement. Something I believe in and will have elaborate cases in my book (check Lego Factory on the search engine below). It was amazing to hear that from the six groups that took part in the workshop, four of them came back predicting an imaginative concept for would be something with gaming…. I am not making this up!

My presentation was about the future of branding, which comes basically down to:

1. Be remarkable to be noticed
2. Continuously evolve your brands and products
3. Invest in your relationship with consumers

Apart from that I described the gaming industry and the ‘gamer’ – sharing three slides from Today’s Gamer research by TNS-NIPO.

In the end I showed 5 cases, which are also available at BrandNewGame/cases

If you wish to check out my presentation go to the ‘news’ section from next week.

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