Daily News – Study: More Brand/Product Awareness From In-Game Advertising – TAXI: The Global Creative Network

Daily News – Study: More Brand/Product Awareness From In-Game Advertising – TAXI: The Global Creative Network

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03 Nov 2009
NeoEdge, the leading total solution provider of advanced digital media services in casual games for the PC, announces the publication of a study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates to examine techniques to maximize advertising effectiveness within online casual games.

The study, fielded this year, utilized a control and exposed methodology and included a sample of more than 3,000 U.S. game players on the NeoEdge video advertising platform who were exposed to video advertisements from a leading online retailer. The research shows that video advertising displayed during gameplay sessions results in 5X increases in brand awareness and 3X increases in new product awareness. This is particularly compelling for companies seeking to reach the female market as 63% of the game players on the NeoEdge platform are women.

With the growing size and impact of casual gaming as an entertainment medium and the increasing importance of online video advertising as part of media buys, this study was commissioned to help advertisers better understand how to maximize the effectiveness of their online advertising dollars within the context of online casual games.

Dan Servos, CEO of NeoEdge said, “Previous studies have proved the deep level of engagement and positive emotional reinforcement that online casual games deliver. We wanted to conduct a study that would validate for advertisers the power of combining the uniquely engaged and receptive audience of our casual gamers with a television like, interactive video advertising solution delivered online. Clearly, online video ads shown using the NeoEdge platform during casual game play have a tremendously positive impact for brands. In fact we’ll guarantee it.”

NeoEdge provides the only digital media services platform that dynamically, safely and securely inserts high performing full-screen video mid-roll ads, overlay ads and sponsorship elements during premium gameplay.

The NeoEdge services platform also generates valuable, loyal consumer communities through sponsored social rewards in existing casual download and online flash games. Third party research, rich analytics & repeat advertiser campaign results demonstrate that NeoEdge delivers the best brand engagement performance available in the online game market today.
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* Study: More Brand/Product Awareness From In-Game Advertising

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