Games are not addictive and do not lead to violence


It has finally been proven by scientific research that games are not addictive.

The addiction that some people suffer come from deeper – underlying – problems, amongst specific groups that play games. This has been researched by Jeroen Lemmens of the University of Amsterdam. He researched 851 gamers during six months.

The most important conclusion according to the professor is that games in general are not necessarily addictive, however lonely young people with limited social capabilities and low self-esteem are more likely to become addictive of games.
Of all gamers, two percent seems to show addictive behaviour, which – by estimate – is 20.000 people in The Netherlands.

It has been noted that gamers that play obsessively (and for long periods) will be likely to become aggressive. But this is not determined by aggression in games. Even Mario cart could fire kids up, if played too long and without parental guidance.

The lesson we learn is that children under 16 should be playing games for a restricted period of time while in the vicinity of parents I guess… just like drinking alcohol in the Netherlands in my opinion… In my opinion: Parents – take your responsibility.

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