Pritt Stick | Knutselwereld – Best Dutch advergame 2010


Yesterday I visited ‘Game in the City’ in Amersfoort (The Netherlands). I held a short presentation in the morning how games can be used as a marketing tool and after my presentation there where three case presentations by Flavour, Real & Soepel and Achtung!
During the day there where various presentations about games, serious games (I hate that term), social games (that one as well) and a lot of companies presentation their cool innovative products.
In the evening there was a dinner organized by Control-Online (sponsored by ABN AMRO) when the Dutch Game Awards were presented.
Little Chicken won the prize for best advergame. I also described this case in my book. It’s really a fantastic gameconcept and well executed.
Below you will find another short impression of the award ceremony.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Het concept voor de Knutselwereld (alles echt geknutseld, de invulling et cetera) is bedacht door G2 Amsterdam. Zo ook de aanzet voor de Watergruwels. Little Chicken heeft de game verder uitgewerkt en geproduceerd. En probeert vervolgens alles te claimen……

  2. Bart Hufen [BrandNewGame] says:

    >I will translate that: The concept was developed by G2 in Amsterdam – it is my fault I did not mention that explicitly and correctly – I apologize.

    I don't believe Little Chicken is trying to claim the whole concept, because they mentioned to me before that G2 has developed the concept and they 'just' produced the game.

    Still – a great concept and well executed!

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