BrandNewGame presentation: Digital Interactive Branding

>I have updated my earlier presentation about building brands in the digital era.
It is based on five years of research and reading books about strategic branding and management of organizations that grew from good to great (Jim Collins).

Other books I took inspiration from are The Tipping Point, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Conversation Management, Conversational Capital, Free, Authenticity, The Experience Economy and loads of TED talks and research from Distimo, Nielsen, TNS Nipo, trend reports (Science of the Times, Most Contagious 2010, Forrester) and many, many more web-based intelligence.

I have compiled all the information into 5 Brand Objectives that each Brand and Organization should follow to become (or remain) successful in the Digital Era.

The presentation also includes my vision on the internet (forget offline and online, below the line or above the line!).

The third part of the presentation includes the CoCha-model about which I have been presenting a lot in 2010. I have changed ‘Consumer’ into ‘Communities’ since we are all more and more influenced by what we do on digital communities (social media) and influence all our party-members as we share what we think is cool, relevant or an exceptional product.

Let me know what you think!

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