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Games Anywhere:
How platforms, business and media are changing the way people play 
In two years’ time more iOS games have been released than the total of all console games since 1980 – in fact, twice as many, with four times the number of Flash games on game portals, while games are entering the television and physical spaces too. 

Entitled “Games Anywhere” the 2011 Festival of Games event will be all about how the eruption of games in every sector of the consumer market has interacted the videogames business. The two-day Conference on April 28-29 will have a strong focus on convergence and transmedia, with the first speakers set to be announced shortly.

The games industry has been developing very rapidly over the last ten years, becoming one of the key dominant forces in entertainment. But with the introduction of social media and smartphones, plus the increasing penetration of high-speed broadband, games have expanded into new areas. From internet portals to television and from advertising to movies, the traditional console gamer is no longer the leading influencer of the industry.

Publishing and distribution take place across new channels, with new market players taking lead roles – but in this ever-changing landscape, it’s still – even more so – all about games. “Since our inception in 2005 we have seen the industry shift from being publisher-driven to being consumer-driven,” said Seth van der Meer, chairman of the Festival of Games. “This development has paved the way for online publishers, indie developers and transmedia developers to become the new and daring kids on the block.”

This explosion of games into all areas of entertainment has created a host of new business models, new marketing methods and a changing view on publishing, distribution and retail. The Festival of Games will give you an insight into how you – as a director or marketeer – can leverage your success based on the examples of your peers. Industry leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs will share their stories, helping you to make the right decisions and to get the optimum return on investment.

Two days filled with discussions, lectures, keynotes and panels are the backbone of the 6th Festival of Games on April 28-29, 2011. A wide range of topics will be covered by thought-leaders from the international games industry. Speeches from industry icons that defined the present industry environment are combined with sessions from front-runners that will shape the future of the industry.

“The Games Anywhere theme really does tie into so many of the crucial aspects of development and business that our industry is facing, both now and into the future,” said Phil Elliott, publisher at GamesIndustry.biz. “For anybody that wants to understand how to tackle one of the fastest-moving sectors there is, heading to the Festival of Games will be vital.”

Expect sessions in the disciplines of Business and Finance, Marketing and Strategy, Art, Design and Production and Technology aimed at improving your day-to-day business. Once again, the Conference will be a gathering place for anyone who wants to make profit with digital games: The games industry executives will blend with influencers from TV, Broadcasting, Media, Telecoms, Investment, and Social Networks.

The Festival of Games takes place on April 28-29, 2011, at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (the Netherlands). The 2010 event attracted over 2000 visitors, with 180 companies from 25 countries.

The Festival of Games is the most effective games industry event, that combines a conference, an international matchmaking event, called Pitch & Match, a business Expo for trade visitors, and the largest games industry Career Fair of Europe. The Conference in 2011 is powered by GamesIndustry.biz.

The Festival of Games is organized by the NLGD Foundation and is made possible by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, the province of Utrecht and the city of Utrecht.

See www.festivalofgames.org for more details.

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