PlayStation sold 150 million PS2's


Sony Computer Entertainment just announced it sold 150 million PlayStation 2’s since the release in March 2000. I still remember this milestone event because I worked for Atari in those days as a product manager and we gave away 5 PlayStations to promote Reflections Driver 2!

The PlayStation 2 could play DVD (where the PlayStation 3 can play Blue Ray) and could even be operated by a USB-mouse and keyboard – handy for Unreal Tournament which came out later that year.

Meanwhile, the past 10 years an impressive 10.000 titles came out for PlayStation 2 and they introduced the Eye-Toy in 2003 – which must have inspired Nintendo for the Wii-control system.

In total, 1,5 Billion games have been sold up to now… that’s 10 games on average per PlayStation 2 and 1 game a year per console.

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