PlayStation 3 sells art and arthouse movies

>Content is King says John de Mol from Talpa. Talpa and Sanoma Media recently bought three Dutch Television stations (SBS, Net 5 and Veronica).

Content is King has been proven by iTunes. Even though some songs only sell about a thousand times, if your media library consists of hundreds of thousands songs (apps, books, games, podcasts) and you sell them for 1 euro each, you can still make millions! And they are making millions…

Sony’s PlayStation Portable was the first device able of playing film, music, games, etc. and since Sony PlayStation 3 was released in 2005 with the same interface and menu they are offering more and more interesting content: for free, trial, light versions, demo’s add-ons and full versions of games, music, movies, manage your photo & films and now: buy ART!

I predicted some time ago that it was time to fill flat-screen TV’s with art and now Sony is taking the first step to bring art to our households.

Check out ‘Studio’ a new tool to buy and download art from renowned and new artists like Jonathan Calugi, Rex Crowle, Anthony Burrill, Craig Redmans, Mr. Bingo, Mr. Jago and many more.

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