Great presentation on Gamification – it's not lipstick on a pig…

Skip the short intro, and jump to Chief Scientist JP Rangaswami from

Watch live streaming video from readwriteweb at

It really starts getting interesting after 20 minutes when he starts talking about the 4 drivers people have:

1. Acquire
2. Defend
3. Bond
4. Learn

And the way he sees these elements in game genres, divided in hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

I can see the following comparisons based on our most essential drivers:

1. Acquire (greed: posses, collect, own, badges)
2. Defend (need for safety: a roof over our heads, safety, clothing, protection, food, etc.)
3. Bond (social, sharing, relations, interaction, CRM, Cooperative gameplay, teams, network)
4. Learn (skills, competences, knowledge, developing personality, rewards, level-up, XP, progress, etc.)

A lot of inspiration for my next book and a job I am currently working on! 😉

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