Dragon Collection on Gree played by 8 million people!


You have to watch this video twice I guess (if only to understand the great narrator… in Japanese), but I read a news item last week that Konami, one of the bigger publishers in the world with games like This is Football, ended this fiscal quarter with a good profit thanks to their social game Dragon Collection. Now I had never heard of this game, but I read on Konami’s website that – originally – it’s a card game (like Heroes of Might and Magic and such). Apparently these card games (like Pokemon) are very popular in Asian countries. So popular that 8 million people in Asia play the digital version of the game (social game if you like)! To me the game looks like a children’s card game that you can collect with a bag of chips, but apparently I should still not underestimate the power of playing cards!

Gree is a social gaming site in Japan and Asia.

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