Speaking at Games for Brands in London 27th of October

>Hi Guys (and Ladies of course! ;-),

Great news! – I will be speaking during the ‘Games for Brands’ seminar in London on the 27th of October. So that will be the date that my book ‘A Brand New Playground’ will be available in English FOR FREE (as a pdf)…

More information about the event is to be found HERE but basically you can expect what the title says. During the day you can learn how to use games as a tool to reach brand- organizational objectives.

My book (and the case I will be presenting) explains specifically how games can be used to train staff and changing their behavior in a fun way using intrinsic motivation!

Why should you attend?
You should attend if the following information is surprising to you:

I intend share my book on the web for a month so people can download it for free.

If you didn’t know already – you can download the free summary HERE (www.brandnewplayground.com)

Send me a DM through Twitter if you intend to visit me in London @BartHufen #GamesForBrands

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