Dutch Game Awards 2011 Openings Film


The opening film for the Dutch Game Award dinner last Thursday. I had great fun that evening with some great individuals from the Dutch Gaming Industry. Hopefully the organization can keep up the high level of tasteful food, drinks, chicks (chicken breast that is)…and euh… GAMES of course!

Below some more pictures of games and the dinner… I am the guy with the mustache… Remember Movember (getting sponsored for prostate cancer)…

 Two new friends I met that develop game trainings for students (gamesmaken.nl)

 Me and the ladies… 😉

There was in fact – an iTable … although not designed by Apple… 

A VERY cool game concept : a puzzle game made in two months by just one guy: Jay van Hutten – his ‘one-red-button’ game is called ichi: check it out on www.ichi-game.com

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