Catch the MINI – Another Alternate Reality Game


Tokyo gets its own Getaway.

Jung von Matt’s MINI Getaway reality game is coming to Tokyo after a successful launch in Stockholm last year.

The alternate reality game, in which smartphone users ‘hunt’ and then hold onto a MINI and win the real car if they are successful, is credited with doubling MINI sales in Sweden last year. You can ask yourself whether that was all thanks to this game, but still – doubling your sales sounds remarkable! Especially with a game concept that asks quite a lot from your users. In Holland Volkswagen did the same in 2009 / 2010 with Pak de Polo… (Catch the Polo), he or she that spotted the car could take it over by stopping the driver and getting into the car. The one that got to drive the car the longest of all contestants (in KM) during the month the game was played, won the car. 

Although the Japanese version works similarly as the version in Sweden (Stockholm), it is on a much larger scale; the Tokyo gaming area is almost 32 times larger, at 240 square miles. The app has also been made available for Android as well as iPhone. The campaign goes live on December 3 and runs for nine days. For more information go to: creativity online

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