iTunes has games, but so does Steam…

>Whenever I give real-life presentations during conferences, I often tell my audience about gaming ‘new’ platforms and gamestores. Steam is an initiative from Valve, the guys that made the hit series Halflife, but relatively unknown to non-gamers. I started using Steam about three years ago and it works really well. It has a fairly large community of 40 million users – of which about 3 to 4 million are continuously online, depending on the time you play your games.
One of the cool things I like about Steam is that you can make screenshots of your favorite in-game moments (kills, wins, leaderboards etc.) using F12. After your match, you can upload your pictures to the Steam cloud and share them on Facebook. This is yet another example how gaming is becoming more and more social. Of course within Steam you can also create various friend lists for your favorite games and see your trophies and achievements per game.
Steam is a 100% digital store, so you buy the games through their online store and download them. Since you account is ‘in the cloud’ you can always access your games from any PC as long as you remember your username and password (!). The fact that all available games are digitally available, you can also buy and play games that are sold out in real-life retail stores and load of ‘golden oldies’ from the back-catalogue. That is one of the smartest things of Steam: you can relive and replay those classic games you loved to play for weeks and weeks!

Well – that was just a small and personal description of Steam for non-users and non-gamers, now check out the rest of the facts in the info graphic below!

I guess the rest is stated below… 😉

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