Future of Fundraising

I would like to develop a sound vision about the future of fund raising. Of course I have some ideas myself based on consumer trends, but I would like to ask YOU what you feel is the future of fundraising.

Please answer this question for me: What will the world of ‘fundraising’ look like in 2017?

Take into consideration: mobile, social media, gamification, retail, peer-to-peer, cloud computing, augmented reality, layer, Smart TV, …? What trends did I miss?

Please share your comments below!

2 replies to “Future of Fundraising”

  1. Richard Otto says:

    Mobile Fundraising is going to be big. Deze week nog een mooi artikel van hierover verschenen in Vakblad voor Fondsenwerving. Zal hm naar je toezenden

  2. bart says:

    Cool ! – Thanks!

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