SAM 13 Marketing Event – Keynote Bart Hufen

State of the Art Marketing event 2013

They are coming… a horde of innovative, creative and confident youngsters. Generation Y. Students and young professionals from a limitless generation who want to distinguish themselves. Generation Y differs a lot from previous generations and many companies struggle to understand them. Although they can be peculiar sometimes, they are and will be your new employees, customers and clients.

Learn about them and their way of marketing and communication at the State of the Art Marketing Event on the 25th of January 2013. Organized by the students of this generation. With game-changing themes such as employer branding, scent marketing and co-creation. For more information go to

For those of you who missed me and want to see me, I will be the keynote speaker and talk about Games as a marketingtool 😉


The picture above was the ‘first hit’ I got when typing ‘Sam13’ into the Google search box… Apparently, Sam (the girl in the picture I presume) has uploaded at least 13 pictures of herself on her blog 😉

The event I am talking about is visualized below moehahaha

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