Call for Papers – Last Chance!

We learn best when we play. In recent years, several enterprises have realized the potential of using games to introduce concepts and ideas about their services and products using games and the social media platform. This was aided by the proliferation of mobile devices. As such, games are no longer ‘child’s play’. Working adults and seniors are beginning to play more games.
At the same time, academic research in gaming technologies has recently witnessed a plateau in improving rendering, texture mapping, physics and artificial intelligence. Are there still areas which game technologies require more research?
SGSC 2013 aims to gather together academics, practitioners and policy makers on a like-minded platform, and welcomes submissions (but not limited) to the following areas:
A. Learning Pedagogy, Methodologies & Assessment
B. Serious Games Applications
C. Game Designs, Studies and Theories
D. Technologies, Platforms and Interfaces
E. Policies, Guidelines and Taxonomy
F. Case Studies and Survey Papers
Please submit your papers TODAY through this link!
* or at least before 1-2-2013…
The event is in Singapore on the 26-8-2013 / 28-8-2013 and covers all mentioned areas and much more.
I am just one of the humble co-readers of submissions…

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