SXSW Update Day 4 & 5

This is the last update about SXSW 2013 from my side. Apart from visiting a lot of fun things and hearing about some great innovations I can say that LEAP impressed me the most. Not because it’s that innovative – basically it’s Kinect for your Desktop computer – but because it is so perfectly optimized. In potential it could unleash a new iTunes store full of creative applications. Think of typing on a virtual keyboard, playing gesture games in a 3D environment, presentation tools for keynotes, Interactive Stand up comedy, etc. etc.
Check out the video below to see what it is.

To be honest, the other presentations I witnessed in these two days, just weren’t that impressive, apart from ‘The Playful Viewer’ of course, where I was a panelist 😉 Check out my previous blogpost about that if you wish to learn more about the gamification of a documentary

I will update a video shortly!

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