Casio game phone… Or Pebble first?

I am really looking forward to the next episode of mobile: Smart Watches! At first I wanted to buy the I’m Watch – beautiful Italian design, but from what I read on the internet ‘crappy’ technology. There is also the Sony Smart Watch but that’s not gonna be compatible with all my Apple devices and after the PlayStation Vita (what? yeah – it’s a handheld PlayStation released last year but no one will remember), I don’t really trust the innovational design skills of Sony… ;-(

There is also Pebble – which gives me a good feeling although I am looking more for a ‘Smart Screen’ on my wrist that just uses all the intelligence of my iPhone instead of launching their own ‘golden cage’ – iTunes-like app-store…

Since I couldn’t wait with buying a new watch, … I bought this classic Casio, unfortunately without games on it… but hey… you can’t have everything… It surprises me though, that Casio hasn’t made any steps into developing a smart watch yet…


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