Gamification Workshop Istanbul #3

The video below gives you an impression of the Gamification Workshop I host 4 times a year in Turkey (Istanbul) and soon also in Holland (Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam). The video (and program) is based on a 2-day workshop, but also comes in a 1-day and even 1/2 day format. Check the links below to subscribe to any form you like.

You can subscribe here for the upcoming events:

Gamification Workshop Istanbul #4:
This is a 2 day program. Dates to be confirmed, but expected on 28 & 29 November 2013

Gamification Workshop Rotterdam #1:
This is 1/2 day program on 27-9 2013 for € 245,-

Check out the scores here of this Masterclass

HR – The Next Level

90 minute Gamification Workshop – More information here:

Gamification Workshop Utrecht #1:
This is a 1 day program on 20-11 2013 for € 595,-

Gamification Workshop Amsterdam #1: … opening soon…

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  1. Linda Dougary says:

    Good Morning,

    Do you have any workshops on Gamification scheduled for the rest of 2014? If so please provide dates/locations/costs.

    I am particularly interested in the use of gamification in eLearning courses.

    Kind regards,
    Linda Dougary

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