Six years of BrandNewGame

While E3 is taking place in LA at this moment, our silly little company BrandNewGame celebrates its sixth anniversary tomorrow. We’ve evolved from a one-man band in 2009 to a one-man one girl duo in 2015, with almost 18 people surrounding us, divided in two companies, to produce the great projects we deliver for our clients. So a big thanks to Today who takes care of the design side of things and to Weirdbeard who develop our ideas technically (programming and game design stuff).

The past six years have been a rollercoaster for me from starting from scratch (literally) writing a book about how you can use games as a branding and marketing tool in 2010 (free download still at to talking during SXSW with Suvi Helminen, meeting Ahmet Akdag in Istanbul where we organize our Gamification Workshops and launching our GameStorm – change management game – at Foot Locker Europe with 800 store managers in four different cities (unfortunately I cannot disclose anything about that). I hope you find all our updates useful!

Anyway I would just like to say THANK YOU to all the people that made our success possible, both partners and clients. We would never have succeeded without you!

Let’s continu to Play for Progress!

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