Free Demo of Power Play

A free game? Sure! No strings attached? Nope! A freemium model with in-game purchases? Hell no!

Our game Power Play provides a perfect experience to play with a colleague if you wonder how you can use a serious games to:

  1. Address compliance / code of conduct issues
  2. Discuss complex or sensitive situations on the work floor
  3. Give insight in the consequences of peoples actions
  4. Want to bring company values to life
  5. If you love Hearthstone, but are looking for a ‘serious game’ alternative 😉

The game is relatively easy, watch this video for a short (5 minute) explanation or read on…

As soon as you register, you can enter the game and start by choosing either an opponent or a ‘file’. A file is a situation you would like to practice. You can experience how your actions will affect the situation at hand. For instance if a colleague is scared to address a certain situation you probably require a certain level of ‘bravery’ to ‘unnerve’ this situation effectively. The game works in turns, so as soon as you start playing for a certain file, you and your opponent receive a set of cards that represent actions. These actions cost a certain amount of energy and have various impact on your company values. In this case these values are 4 key processes that influence the impact of your actions. They are: will-power, knowledge, abilities and guts (bravery). Each turn your energy level grows and you play more actions – that hopefully unnerve the situation before your opponent saves the day…

Just practice together and let us know how your experience was through Twitter @BartHufen #powerplay #gamification.

This product is based on a game we developed for ING Insurance (now called NN Group) which was released in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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