Friday the 13th…

Since February 2019 we are working together with a very talented intern called Mitch Wensveen. He decided to do another term with us. He created loads of cool gifs and we are working hard on a promotional trailer about organizational transformation using gamification (or rather, game mechanics). I hereby want to promote him to our network, because he is an excellent designer, illustrator and animator! A combination you seldom find! Level up our game Mitch!

For a gamification platform we are developing, we are creating an avatar store where you can create your character from over 1.000 different items. Varying from skin color, hair style and clothing… If you are interested in using this to engage your employees and create super(s)heroes – let us know!

Do you recognize the character in this gif below? Then comment below or reach out through Twitter @BartHufen #Gamification

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