What women want…


The latest trend in online shopping is the combination of three things women like most: playing casual games, socializing with friends and shopping!

Although I couldn’t find a way to socialize on this website (apart from some empty forums) this website could be the next trend in web design.

Most websites have evolved in the past five years from static information, to rich information to interactive and dynamic. This is a trend that is unstoppable. We have moved from static to dynamic, from turn-based to real-time and from monologue to dialogue (interaction).

Check out this website if you’re interested in experiencing what it is to combine shopping and gaming in one. It’s interesting to see that there is also a ‘rewarding’ program to stimulate interactive behavior by their consumers.

I’m curious if websites like Bol.com, Zappos, e-Bay and Amazon will also move into this direction!


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