Brand New Game

Adventure Game Engine (AGE)

How can we create a more impactful and engaging way to train our employees is a question we heard often since 2009. After creating a lot of great custom games for specific topics we developed our very own game engine that enables clients to create impactful learning solutions for various topics. Whether it be compliance, risk, control or security training for companies with 1.000 and more employees, our AGE could be your big new friend!

Please check out the video below to see how we used the engine to create a game where players build up a vitality profile by playing the game. In this game they can discover over 80 locations and have to scavenge for food, drinks to keep up their energy level. They can craft items at their base on the beach and solve missions and mysteries on the deserted (?) island….

If you want to know how the engine works, please check out my masterclass at the Gamification Europe conference in Berlin from 2019.

Using our Adventure Game Engine enables you to create your own virtual escape room or mission based adventure. Play the game for yourself to get an impression of what this engine can do through this link.

For a meeting, please contact Bart Hufen through Linkedin and ask for a meeting proposal through Zoom, Teams or Hangouts.