Brand New Game

BelCompany's Hot Talent

Client: BelCompany (part of Vodafone Retail)

Objective: Train BelCompany staff in recognizing needs and characteristics of different types of customers. The overal goal was to improve the insight in customer needs and teach employees to adapt their sales conversation to the pace and tone of voice of different types of clients (persona’s) and their needs.

Concept: The idea of the game is that different types of clients enter the store with different types of needs (the window of opportunity). You can greet and help them by starting a sales conversation with them. The right tone of voice combined with the pace of the conversation for each specific client type determines the emotional states and level of trust of the customer. The ‘window of opportunity’ will become bigger if the customer’s trust increases. This is also influenced by the emotional state of the customer. Of course ‘closing the deal’ is part of the game. In the end-game (matching your offer with the customers needs) you have to propose the most suitable deal for each particular client.

Target audience: 680 employees divided over 140 stores

Timing: The game was launched in September 2013 and ran for a period of six weeks

Results: Over 28.000 game-plays in six weeks time. On average employees played the game over 40 times. With an average session time of 2:43 minutes this is a voluntary engagement of more than two hours per employee.

Apart from the game – we developed an extensive management dashboard that enabled management to keep track of the playing behavior and improvement of their employees throughout the weeks. It motivated employees to keep improving over-and-over which was exactly what we aimed for of course 😉

Eventually the game was played more than 28.000 times by 640 employees. Which comes down to 40 play sessions per employee. With an average playtime of 3 minutes you can say that employees improved their sales skills in 2 hours over a period of six weeks ‘snacking the content’ we provided them!