Brand New Game

MT Challenge – Fontys

To support students in passing all their exams in their first year, we build a gamification concept that stimulated them to start interacting with the curriculum faster (within the first four weeks actually). This period appears to be critical to increase the chance they actually pass for all their exams.

Go Figure! We have the results of the set goals for the MT Challenge to improve the odds that students pass their exams in year 1… Last year 50% of all students passed their exams… this year – apparently thanks to our MT Challenge – 60% passed their exams !! That’s an increase of 20% !!

The power of this concept is that we can easily adjust it for different Universities or Colleges. The mechanics are so generic that we can easily scale up from 100 to 1.000 students. The concept is made specific (read: relevant) by students, because their interactions create the content we play with. This way every school can use this MT Challenge and save at least (potentially) €50.000 a year keeping students interacting with the curriculum!

Check out the screens below to learn more about this great project or send me a tweet to make an appointment @BartHufen #Gamification

Below a short video of the demo we did at Hogeschool van Amsterdam with 60 teachers.