Brand New Game

The smartest link

To train employees we developed a game concept for UWV in 2015: the smartest link.

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In 2014 we developed a gameconcept together with our partner Blinklane to help UWV employees to provide or cancel welfare based on scenarios. This concept has nog yet reached production stage but nevertheless we would like to share the concept.

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The idea is that the waiting room fills up with job seekers who may or may not be eligible for welfare. You must find out through a conversation if the person you have in front is (still) eligable for welfare or not. Some people will tell the truth, others will not, some are entitled to welfare and some are not… Do you dare to take the right decision?

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You can either approve the welfare or you must employ one of the enforcement means to motivate this person to make more of an effort to find a job. You can do this through the linkwheel.

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This game has not yet entered production.