Brand New Game

Ziggo Compliance Game

This game (or quiz) was developed to make employees more conscious about integrity, compliance and safety regulations. The main questions throughout the game is: “What do you think is normal?” And how should you behave or react in certain circumstances? We tested this by asking all Ziggo employees 25 questions about various subjects like integrity, legal aspects, safety regulations and online behavior (social media and such).

The metaphor we came up with was the ‘Superhero-theme’, because in the essence of what you want to encourage is that employees dare to stand out of the crowd and want to be a good example of how things should be done. Superheroes may sometimes look a bit strange, they can act a bit weird, they have impressive powers, but in the end – they mean well!

In the game, employees could grow ‘their alter-ego’ (avatar) from a ‘standard looking employee’, into a superhero by buying all kinds of superhero outfits and upgrades to show off in the multiplayer battle mode.

Client: Ziggo

Objective(s): Make all employees more aware of the potential consequences of their actions within certain contexts and teach them the appropriate reactions

Target audience: all employees of the company

Timing: The game was launched in November 2012

Results: In the first week 50% of all employees played the game voluntary three times on average. There were 682 multiplayer battles reported in week 1. After the six-week playing period 72% of the target group played the game more than three times.