Brand New Game

Ziggo ‘Heart for Clients’ Game

Client: Ziggo

Objective(s): Teach ‘customer contact’ employees not only to solve problems but to retrieve client needs during contact moments and propose product benefits. In other words: up-selling and cross-selling.

Concept: We re-used  elements of the ‘segmenten challenge‘ in which players could reveal the living room of Ziggo consumers by making the right choices. In this case however, the player would reveal extra hints taking his time to make the right match between text and pictures.

Target audience: 1.2oo help-desk and service desk employees

Results: The game was played by all targeted employees during their internal training program. The results cannot be disclosed online.

Timing: The game was launched in January 2013

Tags: e-learning, up-selling, cross-selling

Production PartnersToday Designers (visualization) and Serious Brew  (development)