Brand New Game

Ziggo Segmenten Challenge

This mini-game (or quiz) was developed for 100 marketeers to teach them to work more with consumer segments. It literally gave them a view in their consumers living room!

Players had to unlock 1 room each day by answering 5 questions about the market and their target group. This way they collected more information of a particular room which helped them to answer the daily bonus question to receive a ‘joker’: for which segment is this a ‘typical room’…? The results were satisfying and good enough to develop part 2 of the game – which will be released at the end of 2012!

Client: Ziggo

Objective(s): Teach the target group to work more actively using consumer segments for their marketing propositions. The game literally gave the players a view in the living rooms of their consumers

Target audience: all brand- marketing- and communications employees of the company

Timing: The game was launched in september 2012

Results: 80% of the target group played the game more than three times