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GameStorm – Troopers wanted!

We are looking for GameStorm-Troopers! Become a Game Changer and join the Gamification Academy!

We are currently actively looking for GameStorm resellers (GameStorm-Troopers). Are you an agile coach or trainer and do you want to add gamification to list of offers and skills? Enroll in the Gamification Academy and start selling your own guided GameStorm events.

GameStorm - BrandNewGame - Lorence Marsdin

We organize four events in 2017 to train our team of Global GameStorm-Troopers.
Subscribe through Eventbrite or send an email to eva at brandnewgame dot nl.


We ask for a fee per event and will organize four events per year to train our GameStorm-Troopers. During these events you will learn the ins- and outs of the GamePlan for change, which consists of five steps (and we will teach you four different methods to apply gamification for organizational change):

  1. Building a purpose pyramid
  2. Create an overview of key players on the business playground
  3. Measure potential performance of your key players (GameStorm)
  4. Optimize processes and install feedback loops to continuously create growth for your clients
  5. Play. This will be trained through the Gamification Workshop, where we train people to become concept developers

If you are interested, there are four moments to enroll during the year, please check Eventbrite to enroll. To become a certified Game Changer Level 1 – you have to experience all 4 events within 24 months. Not only do you receive the trainings, but also my latest book, a workbook, all the slides, the GameStorm playing field and your official Game Changer certificate or course! Below is a video of my talk during Bosnia Agile Day of 2015.

We hope you join us!

Bart Hufen – Founder of BrandNewGame and the Gamification Academy

GameStorm - BrandNewGame - Lorence Marsdin