The Gamification of Civilization…

A great short film by Sight Systems. Will this be my future…?

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FUN'k up your life with Minute Race

I am proud to say that I am one of the ‘mentors’ to help out the guys that invented this crazy app to spice up your life and make it more playful. If you have the feeling your life is all-right, you should definitely install the app. You will get a task every week that helps you to get out of your comfort zone… And you have to complete every task a.s.a.p. and make a picture of it and show it on your Facebook timeline (sharing is caring 😉

Check out the screens below and if you think it’s not for you… DOWNLOAD IT AND START PLAYING !


Minute Race is the first mobile app that helps you move beyond your comfort zone in an exciting and playful way!

The app challenges you to be courageous, playful, self-ironic and adventurous! It’s your turn!

*Do you have a crazy idea for a race? Tell it us on our Facebook page or send a tweet @minuterace.

We’re still looking for a CTO so if you live in The Netherlands (preferably Amsterdam) and are a genuine hacker. Contact Peter (peter at minuterace dot com)!

Support these guys at startup bootcamp or rockstart accelerator!

Download the app here

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Games for Internal Branding: Microsoft Silver Line Society ARG


Microsoft used an Alternate Reality Game to encourage players (employees) to increase cooperative working. The puzzles had to be solved by working together before the 7th of december….

The strength of the execution lies in the fact that both virtual- and real-world elements have to be combined to achieve all goals… check the films to learn more!

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