Nissan uses game (Grand Turismo) to find talent for their Raceteam!


Maybe you are one of the 90.000 Gran Turismo 5 players that participated in the online cup facilitated by PlayStation and Nissan? If not, you missed a chance of a lifetime if you like cars, tarmac and speed… Nissan introduced their 370Z in GT5 and challenged all players to participate in their cup on a specially designed circuit within the game with the ultimate prize: driving for the Nissan team in the 24 hours of Dubai!

Two young lads (Thomas and Edwin) won the Dutch challenge on the Roosendaal circuit last week and will therefore take part in the European final on Silverstone! How is that for turning virtual experience into real-life action!?

I think Nissan does a great job to promote their brand amongst 90.000 young and eager car lovers and will definitely benefit from this excellent brand promotion!

There were six regions in total, amongst them were: Germany & Austria, France & Switzerland, Great Britain & Ireland, Spain & Portugal and Italy & The Netherlands. Each territory supplies two contestants so a dozen in total (which is 12 people in Holland 😉 will drive the ultimate drive on Silverstone in June!

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Magnum Icecream running game… FUN OR FAIL ?

What do you think of this digital interactive concept.

Is it a game? Do you like it? Would you want to re-play it? Would you share it with friends?

Let me know!


More about Magnum Ice Cream can be found here:

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Ingame advertising: Base-x


The Dutch Royal Airforce has developed a game called Base-X and uses in-game advertising in Battlefield 2142 to promote this. In my opinion it would have been much more effective to have a Modification developed in BF2 or America’s Army like we proposed together with Power Unlimited some time ago…

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Virgin Games – McDonald Land – 1992


And another classic – US only I think… McDonald Land…

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Pepsi Invaders Advergame – The first advergame ever!


This is probably the first advergame ever… originally on Atari 2600 I believe.
Great mocking by Coca-Cola towards Pepsi. I wonder when Pepsi will strike back?

Call me if you want some great ideas! 😉

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Burger King Games


Burger King actually sold advergames for a little under 5 bucks in 2008 for Xbox… We are talking about games that contain ingame branding by Burger King… ! They were sold out.

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