Serious games proven effective as a learning tool

TNO – The leading Dutch research company recently published a report of their extensive research how serious games contribute to the effectiveness of ‘learning’ in an educational environment. The stunning conclusions can be read in the summary below.

“They conclude that play has a firm foundation in evolution and individual development. It not only drives the physical, social and cognitive development of animals and man, but also functions as a behavior generator that simulates the development of new types of behavior and skills.”

There are three main motivators in play: development of competence, the feeling and experience of ‘autonomy’ and self-realization. External conditions that help to increase motivation are feedback and rewards, meaningful goals (in the game) and rules that restrict us to achieve these goals. These elements are all present in my basic ‘Game Design Mechanics’ model that I published over a year ago and it’s nice to see that TNO has scientifically proven I was right 😉

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Decision Making in Games

I am working on some models for my new book: Playing on the Job… any comments on this model about decision making in games (and potentially in life…?).

It describes how we make decisions in games. I expect we have three basic inputs: (1) Knowledge, (2) Skills which form (3) an Emotional state. Maybe ‘experience’ is another dimension? Or is that embedded in your ‘level of skills’ and ‘knowledge’…?

However… depending on your Skills and Knowledge you come to a decision with a reasonable doubt based on an assessment of the situation and assumptions… then you Decide to either DO or DO NOT (as Yoda says)…


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