Nir about conditioning behavior

Forget all you ever heard about Gamification! Check out this 15 minute presentation about how to build loyalty through the ATARI model (Trigger, Action, Reward, Investment). It strongly ties into what I believe of how you can change human behavior. You can use this model along and in line with my Cocha-model.

I think you should consider this circle a ‘vicious’ circle like and the experience that happens when players reach a state of ‘flow’ through the ‘game loop’…

If the video doesn’t play, go to Nir’s website:

You can find a full explanation of the Cocha-model here.

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Transmedia Storytelling – Henry Jenkins


Check out this blog of MIT professor Henry Jenkins.

He also believes that Content is the central starting point for Digital Interactive Branding. Creative Concepts should be the Centre and (Digital) Channels should be selected that are most suitable for Connecting and Communicating with your Consumer.

I cannot help the amount of C-words… by the way 😉

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