Gamification of Business

On October 17th 2015, I was invited to give a presentation about gamification of businesses and organizations. Particularly I disclosed the essence of my new book “Playing on the Job” (out in 2016 I hope) – my main model – the ‘Loop of Progress’. The idea of the ‘Loop of Progress’ is that you identify which concurrent processes lead to synergie in your organization and create multi-disciplinairy teams to take part in those processes, rather than letting departments do that. Inspired from FarmVille – I started rethinking business processes and business models, from understanding the gameloop and other game mechanics and applying them to your daily business. In this presentation I explain our GameStorm tool – that we use to develop our serious games and help to start making a change in organizations┬álike the City of Amsterdam, Foot Locker Europe and Vodafone. And – of course – I elaborate on the ‘Loop of Progress’…

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HealthSeeker: Engaging and Motivating with a Facebook Game


A game to improve your level of ‘healty lifestyle!’ on Facebook. I haven’t played it yet, but hey – I eat my vegetables and fruit every day, run 5 km every week and at least cycle once a week… ­čśë Go check it out if you …like…

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Great presentation on Gamification – it's not lipstick on a pig…

Skip the short intro, and jump to Chief Scientist JP Rangaswami from

Watch live streaming video from readwriteweb at

It really starts getting interesting after 20 minutes when he starts talking about the 4 drivers people have:

1. Acquire
2. Defend
3. Bond
4. Learn

And the way he sees these elements in game genres, divided in hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

I can see the following comparisons based on our most essential drivers:

1. Acquire (greed: posses, collect, own, badges)
2. Defend (need for safety: a roof over our heads, safety, clothing, protection, food, etc.)
3. Bond (social, sharing, relations, interaction, CRM, Cooperative gameplay, teams, network)
4. Learn (skills, competences, knowledge, developing personality, rewards, level-up, XP, progress, etc.)

A lot of inspiration for my next book and a job I am currently working on! ­čśë

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Gaming is the next mass medium


Watch live streaming video from adage at

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TEDxSanDiego – Simon Sinek – Restoring the Human in Humanity


TED Talks – Simon Sinek about human behavior and shared values and … trust.

We trust our community people more than a resume, except on a professional playground…
Interesting stuff for change management and culture projects in organizations, a project I am involved in currently, but – unfortunately – am not free to talk about as of yet.

In my experience, it all starts with describing a sound VISION on the future…

You can describe a good Vision, or Mission in words like: Purpose, A goal or Objective. One of the essential variables of a good game…

This is what I wrote earlier in my Slideshare presentation about ‘Brand Positioning Strategy’.

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Kellee Santiago: Are Video Games Art?


An inspiring presentation by Kellee Santiago (That Game Company) explaining why games could be considered a form of art. That Game Company developed ‘Flower’ – a spiritual game if I may say so for PlayStation 3, currently one of the best downloaded game on the PlayStation Network

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Derek Sivers: Weird, or just different?


Doctors in Japan get paid when they cure patients…! And not if they stay ill… fantastic!

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Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote hacks – TED TV


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Visual progress of video games and a gamers diary

>In this presentation from David Perry (Earthworm Jim and Matrix-game).
The data (units sold of World of Warcraft for instance) are somewhat outdated in this presentation from 2008, but it contains two great videos. One about gamedevelopment in the past 30 years and a videobiography of a gamer.

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10.000 hours of gameplay equals 10.000 hours of school from 5th to graduation

>Great presentation by Jane McGonigal

Playing games strengthens trust and social structure of communities (collogues and friends)

Herodotus invented playing games to distract people from existing famine and even stopped a war deviding the country in two, playing a dice game for the win and it is ‘proven’ I hope that the Jews and Palestine’s do the same in Jeruzalem and in all the other world-conflicts!

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world | Video on

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