Mark Zuckerberg at Tech-Crunch's Disrupt 2012

What is Mark Zuckerberg’s view on Facebook’s IPO, what does the future of social media hold in store?

The first interview with Mark Zuckerberg after the IPO launch of Facebook in 2012. It’s a bit blurry from time to time and the sound isn’t that well, but it’s worth watching if you LIKE Facebook… ;-P

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Social Media Research – an annual report from Michael Steizner

This presentation gives an insight on the most relevant social media used in USA. It’s about Search, Tools, Services, Lead generation and investment in social media like Twitter and Youtube from a brand-perspective.

Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2011 from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.

More information on

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Facebook versus Twitter – an update

>A really nice infographic from

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Times change, but not our behavior if you look at communication and sharing stuff.

Check out this real funny video about Christmas
Thanks to @Lorence!

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Doritos Game in the UK

> A Stunning 250.000 people visited the Doritos UK website in 2009. The goal for consumers (within the game) was to find out the new name for a Doritos flavor.

Check out this video to learn more about the ‘investigator-game’ that Upset Media developed for Doritos.

Doritos iD3 CASE STUDY from Doritos iD3 on Vimeo.

The results:

 Nearly 1/4 million visitors to (already ahead of target)
– 25% visitors logging on via Facebook Connect
– Hundreds of tweets and Twitter hotspot 27th July
– Blog mentions – over 200 (ref: Google Blog Search)
– Almost 58,000 Facebook fans
– Average dwell time reaching almost 8 minutes (ref: Google Analytics)
– Over 56,000 views of the trailer from 141 countries (ref: Go Viral)
– Sales figures for Doritos at +23% (Source: Nielsen)

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De conversation manager at Marketing innovation

>Check out this SlideShare Presentation of Steven van Belleghem to learn how Social Media can be used for branding objectives! Great examples from a great – bestselling – book!

De conversation manager at Marketing innovation

View more presentations from steven van belleghem.

The most remarkable notes according to humble me are:

Word of Mouth is still the most trusted influencer.
Which brand / movement is known throughout the world and did not invest in marketing? It was the first movement to use only word of mouth and still had a lot of followers? The answer? Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Steven also descibes Zappos, which is also in my book. This company has a 90% NPS score (nett-promotor score), which is the highest score on a global scale. The founder is the former owner of Link Exchange and sold Zappos recently to Amazone for…. 1,2 BILLION dollar!

Did you know that every 8 seconds, there is a new Facebook user?

Did you know that Youtube has been eveolved in a speed that currently there is 24 hours of moving images being uploaded every minute?!

Steven advices companies to transform PR Managers into Conversation managers. These days an influential blogger (with loads of followers) can be more desisive than regular press.

In a time where we see about 3.000 logo’s, ads, commercials and other commercial messages it’s time to think of different ways to start a conversation with consumers.
Games are ofcourse one way to do this (hence my book A Brand New Playground), but so are Social Media.

Research shows that advertising messages only stick in two situations:

1. You either own an item of this brand
2. You are planning on buying a product of this brand

Brand Identification is key. 

Advertising to consumers that do not even consider your product is useless, so better focus on current clients and brand fans to grow from the inner circle!

Universal studio’s used this conversation strategy when launching their new part of their park, the Harry Potter Castle. They invited 7 brandfans (very active Harry Potter bloggers) to take part in a video interview (a webinar so to speak) and revealed the first look to them at midnight. You can imagine that they didn’t sleep that night but wrote an article on their blog and send it out to the world. Within in one week, 350 million people knew about the Harry Potter Castle in Universal Studio’s in Orlando (and I am going there within two weeks!).

Central question when starting a conversation with brand fans about your brand is: “What should people share about your brand with their friends?”

Nice quote to explain behavior of the digital consumer: “What happens in Vegas, sticks on Facebook!”

Keep that in mind!

To conclude, there are 6 rules according to Steven to start conversation through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

1. Listen 
2. Ask Questions 
3. Be Open 
4. Be Honest 
5. Be Personal (don’t speak to the crowd, speak to a person) 
6. Engage your Fans and build Relationships!

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Twitter: discover what's new in your world


Find out how to use Twitter in the Future!

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Games still the most popular apps on smart phones

>Research done by Nielsen amongst 4.000 US Smartphone users shows that games are still the most popular downloads.

Interesting to see that social networking websites (Facebook & Twitter I guess) are more popular than ‘communication apps’ like Voice over IP (Skype) and Instant Messaging (MSN). Also the weather and news is high in the list.

The charts speak for themselves I guess 😉

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Apology by LÉGO® – Humour – Excuses de LÉGO


There was a complaint by a French guy about hurting his feet every time he walked in his childs room at night and he represented 347.000 parents in France (LEGO Fans as well).

In this short film, LEGO responded and apoligizes in a very funny way.
This is how brands should use social media (Youtube / Facebook).

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Jeroen de Bakker en Mary Hoogerbrugge about Brand Programming [Dutch only – sorry]


Jeroen de Bakker en Mary Hoogerbrugge over Brand Programming from MGvandenBroek on Vimeo.

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