Progress Loop presentation in Sarajevo

In 2015 I was invited to speak during Bosnia Agile Day in Sarajevo. It was a wonderful experience and I got to test the vision I have on using ‘game thinking’ in a company-wide perspective. The model in my new book ‘Playing on the job’ (due in 2017) is called the Progress-Loop and will be explained in the presentation below. Enjoy and share it on Twitter #gamification. If you have any questions about it, send me a tweet @barthufen

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BrandNewGame on Gamification


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>Finally after three months of updating my book it is currently being translated into English! Hooray!

The title will be: A Brand New Playground – Building Brands in the Digital Era

As I wanted to share the contents in an early stage please feel free to download and share the free summary (demo). You can find it HERE.

The main topic of the book is how games can be used to achieve marketing objectives in the digital era.

The first chapter basically describes the different platforms, genres and provides a historical overview of games throughout the past.
The second chapter describes the consumers that play games. Ten years ago it was merely kids and teenagers playing games, but the past five years we have seen that mothers and elderly are playing online games more and more.
The third chapter reveals a lot of cases that support objectives within the marketingmix, on product-, price-, place, personnel and promotional matters.
The fourth and final chapter reveals how games can be put to use within the field of Brand Management and Marketing on a theoretical level. I have developed three models that help agencies, organizations and brands to develop concepts that build bridges between them and the target audience.

Amongst them are the Branding Checklist, The Brand Play model and the CoCha-model (gotcha!).

Have fun reading it, share the pdf with friends and collegues and tweet your feedback to:

@BartHufen or #BrandNewPlayground

Please feel free to join my community on Linkedin called BrandNewGame


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Wishing not ALL of your dreams come true in 2011!


Since life can be largely compared to games or the other way around I hope that you will not achieve all your goals. Purpose is the most important thing in life. It is what keeps you going and keeps you developing yourself into a better (or worse) person. It helps you to continuously aim higher and get closer to achieving whatever you wish to achieve.

Therefore I hope not all your dreams come true in 2011, because you always need something to wish for. But keep setting goals and keep on dreaming, because hope and purpose is what helps you to reach the next level!

Thank you very much for following me in 2010 and I hope to keep on inspiring you in 2011 with new cases and projects I have been involved in. My next goal is to have my book translated into English and to undertake some great projects with some really nice clients.

Furthermore I am thinking about an iPad application containing all the information you need on gaming and branding. Let me know if you think that’s a good idea!

For now – be nice to each other and remain healthy!

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Laat met je merk spelen is a X-Mas recommendation!


My book has been recommended as ‘an excellent read between X-Mas and New Years eve’.

All readers that email me a summary of their opinion of the book will get a free presentation or an hour of hack & slash adventure with me!

Order the book below:  

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My book hits the TOP 10 Management books by Kluwer


I am happy to announce that my book has been chosen by Kluwer to be part of the TOP 10 Management Books in 2010.

Apart from that I can announce that the free English summary is almost finished and will be available for download from the 1st of January 2011. (1-1-11 😉

This is the link to the English part of the website for my book (A Brand New Playground).

The book will unveil the latest insights in digital consumer behaviour, provides an overview of the games industry in the past 30 years, provides about 30 case studies categorized in product-, price-, place-(innovative distribution and micro-transactions), personnel and promotion-related objectives and presents three models how games can be used in the field of brand management and marketing.

 I hope you will enjoy it!

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Heroes never die!


After writing my book ‘Laat met je merk spelen’ – soon to be published in English (end of 2010, called A Brand New Playground), I have started to become more philosophical and keep thinking why games are so special to me and to hundreds of millions of people around the globe…
Today I had an insight why games are so cool and the reason is that in games ‘heroes never die’… comparable to most books, comics and films. We love heroic creatures and wished they live forever, protecting the world from harm.
It is only in real life that our life is so precious (we have only one). Still – our best friends, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters die even though they’ve done nothing wrong. In epic films like Lord of the Rings, some heroes die (Boromir), but the real heroes (Frodo and his friends, Aragorn and Gandalf) fortunately don’t. I wonder how we would feel if they would all die and we would have to start to get to know new ‘heroes’ in part 2 and part 3 of the book / film…
How would you feel if you buy a RPG or action game and after playing it for ten minutes, your hero dies and the game is truly ‘game-over’? Would you be angry? Or would you accept it and buy the game again (or choose a new / different hero)? I guess you would be really disappointed and angry. How much is a virtual life worth? Wouldn’t you be much more cautious playing Call of Duty if you would have to pay a dollar for each life you spoil? It would make the gameplay much more interesting I guess, because the ‘stakes are higher’. Maybe it would even be interesting if you gain 50 cents for each kill you make, compensating the costs you make for each life you spoil… ? And the more kills you get, the harder it would be for people to kill you (a build-in experience/skill-model, like in Fallout 3 for instance).
It would be interesting to see if a game-developer would take the chances of developing a game with these mechanics in it!

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Presenting during Marketing RSLT Summer School [Dutch only – sorry]


I am presenting my vision on the new media landscape during the Marketing RSLT Summer school* and will reveal some new cases how you can use games as a marketing tool.

Feel free to subscribe before upcoming August 15th here – all my relations will get their second workshop for FREE!

Be sure to fill in ‘BrandNewGame / Bart Hufen’ in the ‘opmerkingen’ field at the bottom of the subscription form.

* Bloemendaal 25th of August 2010 – The Netherlands.

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My presentation at Marcom10 – laat met je merk spelen! (A Brand New Playground)

>This is the presentation I held yesterday at Marcom 2010 where I revealed some of the essence of my book – check it out!

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New Book: A Brand New Playground – Searching for CASES!


Hi All!

I just finished the Dutch version of my book ‘Laat met je merk spelen‘ (A Brand New Playground) and would like to start with the international (English) version soon.
For this issue, I am looking for international cases of how games are being used as a marketing tool to achieve goals that are related to Product, Price, Personnel (staff), Place (virtual product distribution through games) or Promotion.

Please help me find them!

Think of global brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Diesel, BMW, etc.

Much appreciated if you can send me links or full cases!

Send an email to (subject: Cases for Brand New Playground)


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