Nir about conditioning behavior

Forget all you ever heard about Gamification! Check out this 15 minute presentation about how to build loyalty through the ATARI model (Trigger, Action, Reward, Investment). It strongly ties into what I believe of how you can change human behavior. You can use this model along and in line with my Cocha-model.

I think you should consider this circle a ‘vicious’ circle like and the experience that happens when players reach a state of ‘flow’ through the ‘game loop’…

If the video doesn’t play, go to Nir’s website:

You can find a full explanation of the Cocha-model here.

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Times change, but not our behavior if you look at communication and sharing stuff.

Check out this real funny video about Christmas
Thanks to @Lorence!

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Moleskin-mini short film


What are your plans for 2011? Use your moleskin agenda to plan your future!

A very cool stop-motion film by Rogier Wieland

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How to Unlock Your World With Foursquare


Especially for people that don’t know what FourSquare is and what potential it has for retail brands (since it is location based) – check it out!

It’s an ideal tool to increase footfall / traffic flow to your resellers (for brands) or stores.
You can give people random acts of kindness for checking in to that specific store and be remarkable!
Give give give and let the crowd spread the word instead of take take take and buy mediaspace to advertise a lie that no consumer will believe!
For more information contact Bart at BrandNewGame!
We will help you and give give give cool concepts that help to achieve your marketing objectives!

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Angry Birds Peace Treaty


the video is not THAT funny, but watched by over 2 million people and since it’s about a game that has been played by more than 40 million people* – I thought I’d share it…

* 12 million played the full version and 30 million the light version.

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Rymdreglage – 8-bit trip


Real cool video with some good old 8-Bit music!


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Service in the Industry is not a Product Feature but a Business Model

>This presentation show you how services can be sold as product-add-ons. Just like in my book it describes opportunities to sell services as product+ or upgraded products. Like a game with 5 extra levels (this was done during the presell period of the game R.U.S.E. for instance)…

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Lost Generation


This is INCREDIBLE and tear jerking… what a great story…

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Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world | Video on

>Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world | Video on

A great, fun and snappy presentation by Seth – great visionary Princeton drop out! 😉

After socially connecting the next step of social interaction is making it fun, through….GAMES!

And it’s already happening…

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Games Everywhere : The Larger Role for Web Platforms and Services for Ga…


If you have an hour of spare time – this Google talks presentation will teach you the potential how games can help to achieve serious business goals! It will really give you decent insights!

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