Your business model is being disrupted…

Most companies don’t realize it yet, but their business model is being corrupted… disrupted. Competitors come from area’s you would never expect them to come from. Hotels nowadays compete with private homes that are rented out through Air BNB, the taxi industrie compete with people driving people in their privately owned cars. Will energy companies soon loose their business to private energy providers? What can companies and their employees do to stop being a victim of continuous change and the accelerating speed of it…? How can you become a game changer like – for instance – Red Bull was in the nineties? There is a simple five-step program for that, which supports continuous change (or progress as I call it).

It all starts with exploring your current business playground and recognizing the most important (potential) players… Once you know who will play a role on your playground, you can uncover if their influence is growing or declining and whether that is good or bad. What you then do in detail will be explained in our GameStorm Trooper training on 13 & 14 September. The next steps are: determine the…

  1. Purpose of the most important players and define how your organization can contribute to that
  2. Players: who are they? And what drives their actions? In other words, what do they want, know, able to and dare to do on the professional playground?
  3. Proces: which key processes determine your progressive growth (or decline) in other words: which actions can lead to synergy regarding your turn-over and costs.
  4. Performance: how well do you do? Versus competitors, versus last years, versus your power?
  5. Play: last but not least: if you underperform as an organization? How can you change the way people work, or actually: how can employees change their way of working?

The answer lies in the GameStorm methodology that I developed in 2012, which has been played by over 1.000 professionals since then. It helps companies to support employees to continuous change their routine in a fun and functional manner. Change is inevitable but often perceived as annoying. Therefore we make it fun to start with (and effective in the long run). The GameStorm uses game mechanics that make most games so addictive, like setting a goal, defining obstacles, providing players with dilemma’s (they have to make choices), voting on actions and calculating the impact of their old and new behavior. The GameStorm helped over 100 companies to transform their challenges into change and create perpetual progress by executing it each fiscal quarter. If you want to know how we do this, join the Gamification Academy and get an official certificate and start playing around with problems! More information can be found here.

Gamification of Business

On October 17th 2015, I was invited to give a presentation about gamification of businesses and organizations. Particularly I disclosed the essence of my new book “Playing on the Job” (out in 2016 I hope) – my main model – the ‘Loop of Progress’. The idea of the ‘Loop of Progress’ is that you identify which concurrent processes lead to synergie in your organization and create multi-disciplinairy teams to take part in those processes, rather than letting departments do that. Inspired from FarmVille – I started rethinking business processes and business models, from understanding the gameloop and other game mechanics and applying them to your daily business. In this presentation I explain our GameStorm tool – that we use to develop our serious games and help to start making a change in organizations like the City of Amsterdam, Foot Locker Europe and Vodafone. And – of course – I elaborate on the ‘Loop of Progress’…

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Nir about conditioning behavior

Forget all you ever heard about Gamification! Check out this 15 minute presentation about how to build loyalty through the ATARI model (Trigger, Action, Reward, Investment). It strongly ties into what I believe of how you can change human behavior. You can use this model along and in line with my Cocha-model.

I think you should consider this circle a ‘vicious’ circle like and the experience that happens when players reach a state of ‘flow’ through the ‘game loop’…

If the video doesn’t play, go to Nir’s website:

You can find a full explanation of the Cocha-model here.

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40 Social Gaming Mechanics

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10 Steps to Gamify Your Business

As I am invited to speak in Turkey in October I thought I would update my view on Gamification and let you know ‘How I do it’ to help my clients achieve serious objectives through playful solutions.

Check out the presentation below and let me know what you think!

You can download this presentation from Slideshare if you like.

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The future of Mobile

This is the presentation I held in June 2012 in Amsterdam at the Marcom event (Playground for Professionals).

I break it down in three steps: past, present and future. Main question is: What is Mobile…? 😉

And where will it grow…?

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Gameful design & Gamification – an extensive presentation

Only 177 slides by a German called Sebastian Deterding from London…? 😉


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Great Presentation about Gamification by Bunchball

>After reading their free whitepaper about gamification I found this presentation on Slideshare. I believe Bunchball is one of the agencies that ‘don’t believe the hype’ but have their own vision of how gamification can help brands to achieve their goals… level up and +10 points for Bunchball – they just unlocked the RESPECT badge for achieving their goal of convincing me they know what they’re talking about ;-)!

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Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world | Video on

>Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world | Video on

A great, fun and snappy presentation by Seth – great visionary Princeton drop out! 😉

After socially connecting the next step of social interaction is making it fun, through….GAMES!

And it’s already happening…

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Games Everywhere : The Larger Role for Web Platforms and Services for Ga…


If you have an hour of spare time – this Google talks presentation will teach you the potential how games can help to achieve serious business goals! It will really give you decent insights!

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