Learning through games at schools

The University of Phoenix did a great job getting this message across with this video…It explains how we can learn by using computer games. “The blur between learning and playing should be even more blurrier…”


And let’s be really clear: everything in this video also applies to adults! We are ALL humans, young, old, men, women, black, yellow, red, white, blue or whatever color you like to have… Playing Games is in our DNA, whether it be political games, taunting games, ¬†sexual games, learning games… it’s all gameplay on this playground we call earth…

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PlayStation competition: A New Console for TV in the making…

The Ouya is a new Android based game console and controller… they will go into prototype phase soon. It could turn out to become a real ‘Nintendo and PlayStation killer’. It’s Android-based and open to the game developing community. So Indie developers can go bananas creating innovative gameconcepts and the future sales platform could compete with iTunes, Steam and other online software stores.

Check out the video to learn more about this device and check out all the information you want here at the Kickstarter website!

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3D Lightboxes

> impressive if you learn how this technique comes to live. The result looks cool, but once you hear ‘how it’s made’ … respect!

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

More information about Berg and Dentse London is to be found here:


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Service in the Industry is not a Product Feature but a Business Model

>This presentation show you how services can be sold as product-add-ons. Just like in my book it describes opportunities to sell services as product+ or upgraded products. Like a game with 5 extra levels (this was done during the presell period of the game R.U.S.E. for instance)…

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3D Video Capture with Kinect


Since the Kinect camera is on the market, consumers are creating all kinds of cool applications to use the 3D Camera. This genius programmed a computer generated image of the room he is in… and he can actually look around, zoom in and more… nice!

I am looking forward to new innovations that will (actually) improve our lives and especially the lives of handicapped and elderly people…

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Bubble gum game at Game in the city


An incredible original game by students from Breda (The Netherlands) during Game in the City in Amersfoort. My best friend and collegue from Spilgames played the game while I was filming and impersonating Yoda…

Loads of opportunity for ingame advertising and branded content here!

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Games Everywhere : The Larger Role for Web Platforms and Services for Ga…


If you have an hour of spare time – this Google talks presentation will teach you the potential how games can help to achieve serious business goals! It will really give you decent insights!

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Gran Turismo 5 Red Bull X1 Prototype Full Reveal w/Gameplay

>A perfect example how a brand can benefit from games. In this case, Red Bull decided to develop a virtual Formula 1 car to push boundaries of product innovation in design and speed (or design of speed). The virtual car is a co-production of Red Bull racing and Polyphony Digital, the makers of Gran Turismo 5.

A picture of the X1 car:

Product innovation and Promotion are just two out of the five P’s of the marketing mix that benefit from this concept. Red Bull could even make money if they offer the car as DLC (Downloadable Content) for PlayStation 3. This way the investment would be earned back! In that way the P for Place (distribution) also benefits from a great concept!

Way to go Red Bull!

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MUBI on PlayStation 3


Independent Films can be watched through PlayStation 3 and share it with your community on Facebook! Cool initiative by Sony!

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Presenting during Marketing RSLT Summer School [Dutch only – sorry]


I am presenting my vision on the new media landscape during the Marketing RSLT Summer school* and will reveal some new cases how you can use games as a marketing tool.

Feel free to subscribe before upcoming August 15th here – all my relations will get their second workshop for FREE!

Be sure to fill in ‘BrandNewGame / Bart Hufen’ in the ‘opmerkingen’ field at the bottom of the subscription form.

* Bloemendaal 25th of August 2010 – The Netherlands.

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